LABMP 590: Technology and the Future of Medicine

CCIS L1-140, T R 2:00 - 3:20 pm


November 27    Entrepreneurship and Medicine

Shawna Pandya and Kim Solez

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Please join us this Tuesday Dec. 4th at 2 pm in CCIS L1-140 for Shawna Pandya's Entrepreneurship in Medicine workshop "Engineering Tomorrow: From Idea to Reality". This is one of the most memorable teaching sessions in the course. Here is a video taste of this workshop session last semester: If you know others who would enjoy being part of this last regular class period of the semester in the Technology and Future of Medicine course please invite them to come along and join us! Thanks!


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 Preeti Kuttikat          or            Kim Solez, M.D.

780-407-8385                      780-710-1644







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