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Instructions on How to Obtain Archived Nephrol Discussions

  In order to reach former nephrol discussions you can send an Email to majordomo@UAlberta.CA with the command:

    Index NEPHROL

    This will give you a list of all the files available since the inception of the group in Oct. 1994.

    To obtain the individual files you then send a "get" command to majordomo@UAlberta.CA in formats like these:

    get nephrol nephrol-extra/NEPHRO-L.LOG9410
    get nephrol nephrol-extra/nephrol.archive.9606
    get nephrol nephrol.archive.0006

    The first format is for Oct. 1994 to Nov. 1995.
    The second format is for Nov. 1995 to one year ago.
    The third format is for archives in the last year.


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