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Highlights of NEPHROL Jan. 19 - May 9, 1997:

The January archive is 644 kB.  Highlights from Jan. 19 onward include:

19 January 1997
    20 January 1997
    NP: Electron microscopy in six hours?
    TX: Sandimmun conversion
21 January 1997
    WWW:  Avoiding Internet blackouts/brownouts by bypassing the US backbone?
    CN: Monosodium glutamate and chronic renal failure
    CN: Mnemonics
    I 131 Risk to HD personnell
    CN: Sedimentologists
    CN: Drs. George Schreiner, junior and senior
22 January 1997
    Treatment dilemma
    Renal TP Reviews
23 January 1997
    GEN: Posting reformulated company press releases on NEPHROL - not a good idea!
24 January 1997
    GEN/WWW: Internet congestion
    CN: A case of Wegener's
25 January 1997
    Senate approved Brazilian bill on organ donation
    HD: NESP - EPO stimulating substance
28 January 1997
    HD:catheter colonisation Pro/Con Vancomycin
    Dr. Tucker's case
29 January 1997
    NP: Electron microscopy in six hours? -Reply
29 January 1997
    NP: EM and renal biopsy turnaround time
    GEN: Internet congestion, AOL - CWD-Devil in AOL's Details
31 January 1997
    NP: Renal Biopsy timeliness..
    CN: Renal Vein Occlusion

The February archive is 828 kB.  Highlights include:

1 February 1997
    Renal Biopsies per Fellow
    NP: renal biopsy turnaround time
2 February 1997
    GEN: Netiquette - Redundant repetition of message replied to.
    HD/PD: preESRD curriculum
    GEN: Nephrology Board Exam
    CN:continuous edema after PTFE graft for vasc. access
2 February 1997
    Seckel's syndrome
    HD: occluded catheters and HCl
    CN: Effects of pheresis on cyclosporine and cytoxan clearance/gonadal toxicity of cytoxan
3 February 1997
    call for transplantation
    VRE in dialysis patients
    Lupus Nephritis and Cytoxan therapy
    GEN: Nephrology Board Exam
    Gen-mindless observations
4 February 1997
    melanoma and renal transplantation
5 February 1997
    CN:Effects of pheresis on cyclosporine and cytoxan clearance
    HD/PD: CVD in Dialysis population - echocardiography screening
5 February 1997
    Salt substitute?
    Possible new CsA drug interaction
    TX:HBV Core Ab
    TX-csa monitoring
    Fw: Difficult case of membranous nephropathy
    MT:  Updated program Fourth Banff Conference on Allograft Pathology March 7-12, 1997
6 February 1997
    GEN: Internet congestion. AOL stories
7 February 1997
    CN:  Houston CPC
8 February 1997
    GEN: Intradialytic parenteral nutrition
    Dropped the kidney
    AW: HD/PD: CVD in Dialysis population - echocardiography screening
9 February 1997
    Periodic Proteinuria in Nephrotic Syndrome
    Fw: Difficult case of membranous nephropathy
9 February 1997
    TM: Zhu Ling revisited.
    CN/ET:  Bone marrow transplant for IgA disease
11 February 1997
    CN: PUVA therapy & Dialysis - psoralen photochemotherapy
    CN:  Ethylene glycol poisoning references/meeting.
13 February 1997
    MT: 2nd Nephrology Summer School at Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest
    GEN/MT: Cable modems! NKF cyberNephrology.
14 February 1997
    TX/NP: Recurrant Scleroderma Kidney Disease
    NP: Teaching renal pathology, and making them want more!
    Nitrobenzene poisoning
    MT: Nephrology Summer School-Budapest
16 February 1997
    HD: Dialysis in Hong Kong at the changeover to Chinese rule
    Interesting Technology
    TM: Interesting Technology - CUSeeMe
    Technology for less $
17 February 1997
    GEN: NEPHROL subject line abbreviations - Please save! NEPHROL rules.
    MT: Updated program for Banff meeting - Plans for
    CD-ROM and WWW presentations
19 February 1997
    MT: Poster presentations at Fourth Banff Conference on
    Allograft Pathology
    GEN: Re: A question!!! NEPHROL-digest postings.
    Hirsutism and Cyclosporine
    CN: Antimicrobial prophylaxis in nephrotic syndrome
    Hirsutism and Cyclosporine -Reply
    TX/NP: Recurrant Scleroderma Kidney Disease -Reply
    TX: 1/2 life calculation
20 February 1997
    TN: cellcept and pregnancy
    CN-initiation of dialysis
    HD : routine early detection of venous stenosis
    HD : heroic access techniques
    HD : Evaluation of repeated thrombosis
    DS: Haiti DEG Disaster - Continuing now diffused world-wide?
20 February 1997
    CN: Staph aureus nasal carrier state among health profesionals
20 February 1997
     N-D #427
    GEN:  Old kidneys!  World's oldest person on the Internet.
    CN: Glomerulonephritis unwonted to its clothes?
    CN: News about the jet setter (was:CN: FSGS and glomerular tip lesions in a jet setter)
21 February 1997
    ET/CN: The noncompliant patient
    N-D #427, definition of ESRD
21 February 1997
    DS: Participants- Diethylene Glycol Contamination Prevention Workshop
23 February 1997
    HD: withdraw furosemide?
    The "Noncompliant Patient" Redux
    HD: Cobe Prizma pump - any pediatric experience?
24 February 1997
    CN: Ionized calcium - correction
    NP: Please access US/CAP renal cases finally on the WWW and comment on NEPHROL!
    Re: HD: withdraw furosemide?
    DS: Haiti DEG disaster statistics
    Nephrology Summer School
24 February 1997
    DS: CDC report on Haiti DEG mass poisoning Aug. 2, 1996
25 February 1997
    The Noncompliant Patient---One last try
    Tacrolimus and pruritus
    CN: protease inhibitors
    NP: Inspirational quotes for shy renal pathologists!
    Ibuprofen overdosage
    CN: protease inhibitors (dosage)
    NP: US/CAP case #5
26 February 1997
    Dialysis cramps
    NP: USCAP case 3
    Banff Posters
    NP: US/CAP cases/fibrin stains
    CN: management advice
27 February 1997
    NP: Available data for renal arterial dimensions
    CN/HY: Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices
    MT: The Internet and Recreation in Banff!
    NP: fibrin stains
    Dr. Cameron's comments: early initiation of dialysis
    CN: membranous GN, To Treat or not to Treat
    JN: nice job in North Georgia
28 February 1997
    Lansoparaole and Neoral

The March archive is 1104 kB.  Highlights include:

3 March 1997
    TX: Transplantation of Infant Kidneys
    CN: noncompliance
    CN: formication
    Tx: infant kidneys can be used for adults
    MT:  A taste of Banff!  Olsen and Hayry presentations
5 March 1997
    CN: Testing prior to renal biopsy
    The primacy of an idea (early dialysis)
    Early initiation of dialysis
    HDCN-- ASK the PROFESSOR: Question List
    Coccidiomycosis and renal Tx
    CN: Biopsy in a solitary kidney
    Tx: malarial prophylaxis in Renal Transplant
5 March 1997
    CN : Biopsy in a solitary kidney
    FW: CN: Testing prior to renal biopsy
    NP: Diagnosis of rejection
    NP: diagnosis of rejection in the medulla
    ACEI and progression of renal disease
    MT:  Banff meeting abstracts
7 March 1997
    WWW: renal vasculitis
    CN/NP: endocarditis/RPGN
    CN Solitary Kidney Biopsy
    CN: Aggressive IgA nephropathy
    Biopsy in Solitary Kidney
    HD: Cobe Prizma pump - any pediatric experience? -Reply
9 March 1997
    CN-Would you dialyze?
    CN/HY: Accelerated vs. Malignant Hypertension
    MT: Banff kidney working session #2 tomorrow!
10 March 1997
    MT: Banff working session #2
    JB: Job wanted for nephrology fellow
    (no subject)
    CN: amiloride in PKD
11 March 1997
    CN: single kidney, CHF, ACE-I
    difficult renal biopsy
12 March 1997
    CN: Nephrologist's role in progressive renal dysfunction
    CN/HY: Accelerated vs. Malignant Hypertension
13 March 1997
    MT: Additional decisions made at Banff
    HD: midodrine
    CN:Plasmapheresis for Rhabdomyolysis?
    CN: amiloride in PKD
14 March 1997
    CN: single kidney, CHF, ACE-I
    CN: Nephrologist's role in progressive renal dysfunction
    TX: Statement by James F. Burdick, M.D. Regarding Liver Allocation Issues
    CN:Plasmapheresis for Rhabdomyolysis? -Reply
    Steroid-induced osteoporosis
    CN/PH: Hypokalemia
    CN: Nephrogenic DI
    PATH: EM on paraffin & IgA in lupus (was Linear IgA deposition).
    GEN:Hypokalemia/ Nephrogenic DI
15 March 1997
    NP: US/CAP cases full text now on WWW;Access counts!
    GEN: Metasearch engines
    GEN: "Hot-linking" NEPHROL-digest, shortened URLs for WWW pages
    MT/NP: Banff (If I hear that word again I'll ...!): The Manuscript
    CN: Antibiotic-resistent cystitis cystica
17 March 1997
    JP: nephropathologist in London?
    CN: Secondary membranous nephropathy - How far to investigate?
18 March 1997
    DS: Detection of DEG in pharmaceuticals - WHO initiative
    GEN: Internet for the masses, bringing cyberspace to the mainstream of society worldwide!
    HD: withdraw diuretics: a paper from Nephrol (!?!)
    MT:  Fourth Banff Conference - Further discussion
    HD: Daily dialysis for ARF
    GEN: hyperkalaemia
18 March 1997
    MT/NP: Banff-Comments from David Rush
    Access venous pressures
    HD: Access venous pressures
    Rhabdomyolysis in a renal transplant patient
19 March 1997
    NP: Help me write a protocol on renal biopsy handling please
    New Banff system -- att: Seymour Rosen
19 March 1997
    HD\systemic UK
    HD: Dialysis Access Studies
    Recommendations for Diagnostic Categories for Renal Allograft Biopsies (BANFF I)
    MT: Bill Marovitz's Banff presentation now on WWW
    NP/CN:Membranous Nephropathy and lead exposure.
20 March 1997
    CN: Ca++ Blockers
    TX/NP: Dr Croker's recommendations on the Banff Schema
20 March 1997
    Recommendations for Diagnostic Categories for RenalAllograft Biopsies (BANFF I) - Retransmission
    NP: Dr Croker's recommendations
    Tx: TMA
21 March 1997
    NP: Banff '97 lesion scoring
    HD: urokinase for clotted catheters
    WWW: NEPHROL threads on HDCN WWW page
22 March 1997
    MT: NKF cyberNephrology April 17-20
    TX:TMA in biopsy at four months
    Hydrothorax and peritoneal dialysis
23 March 1997
    CN: NEJM article on Anaritide in Acute Tubular Necrosis
24 March 1997
    TX/NP: ?Input on Chronic Rejection Roundtable meeting recommendations?
    TX/NP: Input on Chronic Rejection Roundtable recommendations
    Tx: Chronic Prostatitis
    Banff 97
    25 March 1997
    vWF studies
    Cyclophosphamide and renal failure (Not Cyclosporine)
    HY: Reserpine in HD patients
26 March 1997
    PNAS paper
    CN and TX--refractory hypomagnesemia
    MT/NP: Reflections of Dr. Stale Sund on Banff '97
28 March 1997
    Cocaine addiction in potential kidney donor
    NP: PIGN followed  IgA .
    Cerebral aneurysms/PCKD -Reply
    CN/TX: Refractory hypomagnesaemia
29 March 1997
    Tx: CyA and  nodular hyperplasia of liver
31 March 1997
    GEN: Cable modem network development slower than expected.
    TX: nodular regenerative hyperplasia (NRH)
    GEN: Urology Internet resources
    HD-skipping treatments
    TX: TMA  and OKT3

The April archive is 782 kB.  Highlights include:

1 April 1997
    NP: Diagnostic significance of arteriolitis in renal transplant biopsies.
    HD: skin disorders
    GEN: Abuse of position! Personal favor to ask. Haiti tapes, Banff photos.
2 April 1997
    CN Membranous GN
2 April 1997
    CN Reply to Membranous GN
    CN:Missed HD Treatments
    CN: membranous nephropathy
4 April 1997
    HD: Anaphylactic-like reaction on CVVH.
    CN: membranous nephropathy
4 April 1997
    GEN: Policy issues and the future of NEPHROL
    HD: Anaphylactic-like reaction on CVVH.
6 April 1997
    GEN: Local Edmonton server burping repeats of old NEPHROL messages!
    GEN: Repeating messages - Also from PEDNEPH in Chicago!
8 April 1997
    CN: Opinion survey on tonsillectomy as treatment for IgA nephropathy.
    NP: Biopsy needle size - specimen adequacy
    GEN/NP: NEPHROL at peace again! Mihatsch 1983 reference
9 April 1997
    change in subscription
    JT/JN: Experienced clinical nephrologist seeking position
    ITP, low plt pre-tplt
10 April 1997
    specimen adequacy
    NP/TX: Fibrosis and renal allograft failure.
    CN/TX: Cyclosporine blood level monitoring
    GEN: Demographics of nephrol and nephrol-digest
11 April 1997
    CN:  Therapy for Cystinuria
    nutrition in HD patients
    WWW: Hardin Meta Directory update - Nephrology/Urology
12 April 1997
    CN: cystinuria
    CN : active lupus in ESRD
    GEN: Medical student opportunity in Spain? (was "GEN: Demographics of nephrol and nephrol-digest")
15 April 1997
    TX: Kidney transplantation and anticoagulation
    CN : Low S.alb in lupus
    HD-Hep Vaccine
16 April 1997
    Ask the Professor (fwd)
    TX: nephron mass and chronic rejection
    MT: cyberNephrology at NKF Spring Meeting in Dallas
    CN: Antihypertensive medication in pregnancy
    CN/Tx : Reply to Cyclosporine blood level monitoring
19 April 1997
    NP: Tx glomerulopathy vs recurrent FGS.
20 April 1997
    CN: Low T3 and T4 levels in CRF
    CN/TX: Cyclosporine blood level monitoring
    NP: Tx glomerulopathy vs recurrent FGS.
    HD - Quinine for leg cramps
22 April 1997
    MT/NP: Reflections of Dr. =?iso-8859-1?Q?St=E5le?= Sund on Banff '97
    HD: EPO SQ or IV
23 April 1997
    CN: Familial HUS - genetics - chromosome linkage and mutation.  Request for cases to study.
    GEN: Joke MD vs PhD
    GEN: Internet access
24 April 1997
    GEN: Free and fast Medline access from National Library of Medicine
    HD: EPO SQ or I/V
    Gen:  CDC's Dialysis related topics home page
    GEN: Free Medline access from National Library of Medicine:  downloading to bibliogrpahy software
    Patient Education
25 April 1997
    NP: Intimal fibrinoid change and Banff '97
28 April 1997
    Tx: Recurrent HUS
    TX: Metastatic renal cell carcinoma in renal transplant recipient
29 April 1997
    Author unsubscribed. Re: kidney  cleaning
    Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus
30 April 1997
    MT: Registration details - Dinner CAIRNS AUSTRALIA, 1-3 JUNE 1997 "ACUTE RENAL FAILURE: TOWARDS 2000"
    Patient Education -Reply
    TX/CN: Cystinosis and pancreatitis
    CN/TX: Imuran/Cell cept with viral illnesses
    Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus
    CN: Diuretics for nephrogenic DI
    GEN: lawyers and kidneys joke

The May archive thus far is 253 kB.  Highlights include:

1 May 1997
    CN: Macrophage Activation Syndrome in SLE
    GEN: lawyers and kidneys joke/political correctness on Nephrol
    CN: reply to nephrotic synd wit protein<300
2 May 1997
3 May 1997
    GEN: "What's New" on NEPHROL Sept 2 '96 to Jan. 18, '97
4 May 1997
    GEN: New welcome message. Welcome to nephrol
    HD: jugular catheter for short-time access
    CN: Celiac disease and C-ANCA associated glomerulonephritis
    CN:Lupus nephritis
4 May 1997
     jugular catheter for short time access
    GEN: Filters and subject line abbreviations  (was "Re: nephrol-digest V1 #517")
    ET/CN: Child participation in IgA fish oil trial
    GEN: Registration/password generation on HDCN (was "Re: HD: jugular catheter for short-time access")
5 May 1997
    CN. renal cell cancer
    NP: Linking biopsy images to NEPHROL threads
5 May 1997
    CN: Early detection of ARF/nephrotoxicity
    Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus
    Recurrence of FSGS after kidney Tx
    CN: Phosphaturia and tumor
    NP: Linking biopsy images to NEPHROL threads
7 May 1997
    HD: fluid overload
    HD/ET--non-payment policy
    MT/CN: Dr. George Porter wins Bywaters Award
    CN: Recurrence of FSGS after kidney Tx
8 May 1997
    HD : pacemakers
    CN: "Osteoporsis" and phosphaturia
9 May 1997
    HD: Pregnancy


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