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The January '96 archive is 672 kB.  Highlights include:

Jan. 2      CN: Retinopathy and hematuria -  _Diseases Affecting the Eye and the Kidney
               CN:Vancomycin Empiric Use
               GEN: QuietTrak ABPM D/L to Mac
               PD catheter use preferences
               HD--"potty policy"
Jan. 3      GEN: Textbooks - Mailorder, Fax, Internet - for Australia
               WWW: Alport's Syndrome Websites
               CN-Renal artery imaging
Jan. 4      CN:     Question from Budapest ?Vasculitis
               CN: Plasmapheresis in cryoglobulinemia
               CN renal failure cause?
Jan. 5      CN: Tentative list of meta-analyses.
               CN: Meta-analysis
               TX: Steriod tapering/withdrawal with new agents?
               GEN/WWW: Textbooks - Mailorder, Fax, Internet - for Australia
Jan. 6      NP/WWW: MedRounds interface for US/CAP Nephropathology Specialty
Jan. 7       GEN: Bio sketch for new subscribers? "Presumed consent" for NEPHROL on HDCN?
Jan. 8       GEN: NEPHROL under a meter of snow!
Jan. 9       PD -- feeding gastrostomy and liver biopsy
                GEN: With this thread we have come of age.
Jan. 10     PD: Gastrostomies
                TX: Carcinoma in situ of bladder in kidney tx recipient
                CN: re Eskimo with ARF
               GEN: Coming of age statistics! news group; "How to Drive Your Laboratory on the Infobahn" by Pat Letendre
                PD - gastrostomy, liver biopsy
                GEN:Bio sketch and presumed consent
  Jan. 11   NP: Glomerular tip lesion
  Jan. 12   HD-sq epo
                CN-renal dysfunction in HELLP syndrome
                CN: Protein C and Calciphylaxis
                WWW/MT/NP: 1st Virtual On-line Pathology Symposium; Web Review -
                Net News Daily -
                 GEN: NEPHROL subscriber list and future plans
  Jan. 13    HD: SC vs IV erythropoietin
                 GEN: RFD:
  Jan. 14    TX/WWW: Regulatory affairs resources on the Internet
  Jan. 15    NP: Glomerular Tip Lesion
  Jan. 18    TX-Is tx applicable in this case?
  Jan. 20    CN/NP/IM: Classification of lupus nephritis
                 WWW/GEN:  International medical book pricing; BioMedNet
  Jan. 22    WWW: New ISN Information on WWW Page
  Jan. 24    HD: Reduction in reimbursement for dialysis - International experience.
  Jan. 25    DS/MW: Ohrid, Macedonia meeting - Renal Aspects of Disaster Relief
                 Unilateral deselection-an option??
  Jan. 26    HD: Selection outside US
                 GEN: Bounces. High quality significant discussion!!
                 GEN: Lest we think all this is free! Cost of University Internet connections
                  NP: Immunoperoxidase DAKO immunostain disclaimer
                  Subject: Deselection is a euphemism for clinical homicide (I think no NEPHROL subscribers who were subscribed the
                  weekend of the 26th will even forget this message which accused us all of complicity in murder!)
                  HD/ET: Let us return discourse to a more reasonable level!
                  HD/ET: Dr. Murphy's Post
Jan. 27       CN: Early Preeclampsia?
                  HD: Dr. Tucker's reply to recent discussions
                  HD: Let us show compassion and move on!
                  WWW/TM: Renal telemedicine info from Nov. summary reposted by request.
Jan. 29        ET: Credentials/security on NEPHROL; American Disabilities Act and renal replacement therapy.
Jan. 30        CN/WWW: HDCN has evolved!
                   PD: Gastrostomies in CAPD patients.
                   ET: Credentials/security on NEPHROL; American Disabilities Act and renal replacement therapy.
                   Chinese herbs and xylene
                   HD:F/u case of Hep C conversion
                   Tx: Fake Fat
                   ET: Americans with Disabilities Act
                   TX: Autonomic neuropathy in diabetic transplant patient
                   HD: Patient model and cost model.
Jan. 31        TX/ET/WWW: ADA - transplant/ Counter statistics on ISN/RPS WWW page
                   CL: Exchange transfusion
                   CN: - Call for discussion
                   HD: Restless legs syndrome

The February archive is 598 kB.  Highlights include:

Feb. 2         NP: Michel's transport medium for immunofluorescence studies
                   CN/TX: Restless legs, Autonomic neuropathy, Calciphylaxis
                   GEN: NEPHROL and CompuServe MEDSIG contrasted
Feb. 3         Tylenol (acetaminophen) toxicity
Feb. 5         HD: RENALNET Dialysis Technicians' Resource Forum
                   CN: vancomycin resistance bugs policy
                   HD: Frequency of intradialytic BP monitoring
Feb. 6         CN:renal checkup
                   NP: Dako disclaimer/immunohistochemical stain regulation - The Background
                   CN: Monitoring BP's on Dialysis Patients: Nurse/Physician Collaboration.
Feb. 7         GEN/WWW: What's New on NEPHROL;You Can Help Plan ISN/RPS WWW Page
Feb. 8         CN: call for votes
Feb. 9         HD/WWW/CN: Dialysis Online! Message Boards;UROL majordomo list
Feb. 10       HD/Ethics, TX/WWW: Najarian/ALG story sources.
Feb.13        CN; Wegener and ANCAs, Sec. Amyloidosis, Cystinuria
Feb.14        WWW: International Society of Nephrology WWW page and Madrid CME,
                   MT:  Latin-American Congress on Acute Renal Failure
Feb.15        HD-Which vitamin D?, CN/HD: Ifosfamide and chloracetaldehyde
Feb.16        WWW/TM/HD: Telemedicine dialysis rounds, HD: Residual Renal Function
Feb.17        HD: heparin usage, CN: renal biopsy orders
Feb.18        IgAN, What should be standard practice?
Feb.19        NP: Immunoperoxidase as a substitute for immunofluorescence on renal biopsies, WWW: Plans for ISN WWW resources
Feb.22        HD-PL Plasmapheresis, Hepatitis C
Feb.23        CD3 Levels, CN: chronic granulomatous disease/ESRD
Feb.24        Pseudo porphyria cutanea tarda
Feb.25        HD/WWW: Renal Physicians Association WWW Home Page, RPA Response to New York Times Articles on Dialysis
Feb 26        PD:  gastrostomy
Feb.27        HD-open staffing?
Feb.28        WWW/CN: Alport's vs Alport syndrome
Feb.29        HD: Fibrinolitic activity in hemodialysis,  CN: Fish oil and MPGN,
                   NP: Renal bx fixation/embedding techniques for the next millenium!,
                   Treatment of MPGN with prednisone

The March '96 archive is 528 kB.  Highlights include:

March 1      CN: Kidney International archival CD-ROM, other new innovations?
                   CN: thalassemia x transplant
                   Antibiotics after renal biopsy
                   WWW/NP/TX: New separate WWW pages for ISN, RPS, and ASTP.
March 2      DS/MT: National Geographic Macedonia article; Ohrid, Macedonia meeting - Renal Aspects of Disaster Relief
                   CN: Germanium toxicity, urine drinking practice
                   HD-PL: Plasmapheresis vs immunoadsorption
March 4      CN: Recurrent Staphylococcus aureus UTI
                   Hepatitis C via needle stick
                   GEN/NP: Japan visit;US/CAP cases
March 5      CN: Atypical SIADH?
                   WWW/NP/TX: New ASTP and RPS URLs
March 7      CN: Stones and staph infection
                   CN: SIADH and lung cancer
March 8      TX/CN-OKT3 use in face of infection
                   NP: RPS US/CAP cases - Navigation pointers
                   Cisplatinum-induced hyponatremia
March 9      CN: Post-CABG ARF- Any Insights?
March 10    CN:  "Renal Dose" Dopamine
                   Dopamine on kidney physiology
                   CN: Staph aureus and urease
March 11    CN:TTP
                   HD dialyzer waste prevention
March 13    Diabetes List
                   NP/TX: Shy renal pathologists!; Steve Bonsib's US/CAP handout on "Recurrent Diseases in the Transplanted Kidney"
                   NP: Anonymous diagnoses for US/CAP renal biopsy cases.
                   graft nephrectomy to reduce sensitization
                   Re: graft nephrectomy to reduce sensitization
                   IgA Nephropathy List now set up
March 16    GEN: "Confirm reading" (return receipt) messages prohibited here!
                   NP/WWW: San Diego RSP picture now on UK mirror site
                   follow-up hyponatremia case
                   CN: TTP
March 19    WWW/DS/TX: ASTP meeting, Macedonia, Brazil; "Telegraphic"
                   discussion section messages
March 21    CN-Metformin contrast protocols
                   IP/WWW: Internet letter in March 1996 Pediatrics; NDT
                   CN/ET: NEPHROL advice for moment-to-moment patient management
                   CN: CsA in recurrent NS
March 22     CN: nephrotic syndrome
                   GEN: What's New on NEPHROL, NEPHROL Dinner at ASN, Latin American Congress on Acute Renal Failure
                   (threads  from Feb. 95 - March 96)
                   MT: Latin-American Congress on Acute Renal Failure
March 25    Reviewers for HDCN
                   TX-post tx lymphoma
                   CN/DS/MT: A happy Dr. Solez in Brazil!
March 26    Reviewers for HDCN
                   MT: Highlights of Sao Paulo ARF meeting abstracts
                   HY: White Coat HT- Benign?
                   CN: Dialysate calcium for acute dialysis, dialysate phosphorus
                   CN: Dialysate calcium for acute dialysis,
March 28    CN:visual disturb. during CSA therapy
                   CN/MT: Gentamicin/CsA toxicity/MediSource patient-specific drug information at the point of care
                   CN: white coat hypertension
                   UC/WWW/IP: Medline from the ISN WWW page/Basic nephrology teaching slide set
                   NP: Cyclosporine lesions in non-formalin-fixed material
                   NP: Commercial Nonradioactive Riboprobes?
                   CN: white coat HTN
March 30    Dopamine for ARF
                   Long term double-lumen catheter transplantation in pANCA glomerulonephritis (fwd)
                   CN: Azotemia without renal failure
                   CN:FSGN treatment

The April '96 archive was 483 kB.  Highlights include:

April 1        LATF: (Corrected) ISN Latin American ARF Task Force
April 2       Crit-Line Monitor, Dr.CP Ho
                   GEN/WWW nephro-rn Nephrology Discussion
April 3       GEN: NEPHROL RULES (was Re: GEN/WWW nephro-rn Nephrology Discussion)
                   CN-New Cyclosporine Preparations
                   New cyclosporine
April 4        TX: Outpatient OKT3
                   GEN: Replying to messages
April 8        C.tropicalis peritonitis
                   UC/WWW/IP: MedLine via WWW
April 9       Neoral vs. Sandimmune
                  Eating/drinking on dialysis
April 11      HD: Eating/drinking on dialysis
                   Subscribing to Nephrol
                   NP: Immunoperoxidase as a substitute for immunofluorescence on renal biopsies
                   CN:  marker for return of renal function
                   Tx: Vaccinating children of transplant patients against polio
                   nephrotic syndrome and thrombocytopenia
April 14      Diabetic nephopathy and Takayasu's disease
                   Takayasu's arteritis and diabetes
                   nephrol V1 #2               CRRT-dialysate flows
                   GEN: NEPHROL threads not to be disseminated without permission of authors!
                   GEN/LATF: Translations from Spanish or Portuguese
                   Crrt dialysate flow--F/U
                   CN: Clinical end-points in dopamine study
                   CN: PKD / Gross Hematuria
                   DS/WWW: FEMA Disaster web site.
April 15      TX: Neoral thread - what now?
                   WWW: Simpler home page addresses!
                   CN: Dopamine trial
                   CN: PKD / Gross Hematuria
                   CN/NP: FSGS circulating factor NEJM article
April 16       TX: Steroid Withdrawal and Vigorous Exercise
April 17       VRE in hemodialysis units
                   DS/MT: International Conference on Renal Aspects of Disaster Relief
                   Crrt dialysate flow--F/U -Reply
                   GEN: NEPHROL translations
                   NP/WWW: US/CAP post-meeting discussion section
                   HD/PD-workup of hemoccult positive stools
April 18       NP/CN:  Molecular testing for polycystic kidney disease
                   NP/CN: Glomerular tip lesion revisited - Therapy??
                   NP/CN:  Molecular testing for polycystic kidney disease
April 20      What's New on NEPHROL, Practical tips on using NEPHROL
April 21      WWW/HD: CDC report - Hepatitis B Virus Infection Among Hemodialysis Patients
                   WWW/TX/CN: CDC WWW site, Xenotransplantation, HUS
April 22       TX: Tolerance induction in living related Tx
April 23      CN/PH Discussion section on Tubular Disorders
                   WWW:  Italian Society of Nephrology WWW page
April 25      NephroNet
                   CN:Collapsing glomerulopathy and breast cancer
April 26      NP: Nonradioactive Riboprobes
April 27      HD:  Occult inflammatory response
                   HD: A Dialysis Tragedy in Caruaru, Brazil
                   IgAN--"popular modalities"
April 29      HD:  Occult inflammatory response
                   IgAN--"popular modalities"
April 30      CN: hepatitis C in pt with FGS
                   CN: ARF Prevention- hydration
                   TX: newer cyclosporins

The May 1996 archive is 506 kB.  Highlights include:

May 1         CN: Fish Oils in IgA nephropathy
May 2         WWW: - New England Journal of Medicine on the Web!
May 3         CN -  Liver failure/transplant? (fwd)
                   WWW/MT: EDTA/ERA, US/CAP renal biopsy case post-meeting discussions.
May 4         RE: TX/CN: May '96 Kidney International articles of special interest
                   HD: Caruaru tragedy, follow-up
                   GEN: Use Kim.Solez@UALBERTA.CA, _not_
May 8         GEN: NEPHROL abbreviations, NKF WWW page
                   CN: Nephrotic syndrome and thrombocytopenia
                   HD: VRE
                   TX/HD: Dialysis versus transplantation, quality of life.
May 9         Source for Random Zero Sphygmomanometers? (fwd)
May 10       TX: transitional cell carcinoma
                   WWW/TX: ASTP WWW page
                   WWW: Inexpensive (or free) Medline access though the ISN?  Or do you already have it without the ISN?
May 11       TX/WWW: ASTS Postgraduate Course; WWW Access Statistics
May 13       TX: Neoral discussions on Nephrol - Sandoz response
                   CN-IgM nephropathy
May 15       NP: New immunoperoxidase Internet discussion group
May 16       GEN: Messages accidentally sent to NEPHROL
                   HTN I learned something new(at least for me)
May 17       CN: "Idiopathic" oedema
May 18       CN: VRE & stethoscopes
May 19       OKT3 during or after
May 20       Water Intoxication
                   TX: Intra- vs post-op OKT3
                   TX-UNOS criteria
                   TX: Transplantation donor with haematuria
May 21       HbE related renal disease
May 22       IgAN as a vasculitis
                   New ASTP Home Page
May 23       CN: Hepatitis C
May 24       ET/DS: Morality in disaster relief; Ohrid Conference on Renal Aspects of Disaster Relief
May 26       DS:  Collective statement - suggested guidelines for the activities of the ISN Disaster Relief Task Force
May 27       GEN:  Advanced technophilic syndrome, a disorder with poor prognosis (was "Stewart's e-mail address")
                   TX: March 7-12, 1997 Fourth Banff Conference on Allograft Pathology (first announced here November 22, 1995)
May 29       EBV Encephalitis
May 30       HD/ET "Right to live"

The June archive is 936 kB (a record!).  Highlights include:

June 1        WWW/TX: CenterSpan and ASTS WWW pages
June 2        HD/ET: What are a patient's rights?
                  IP: Preprint repository: Information Philanthropy in Medicine
June 3        IP-internet publishing
                  HD/ET:  Taking a stand on suffering;Response to Dr. Eliahou
                   PD: New PD mailing list - pdial-l
                   IP/ET: Preprint repository;NEPHROL Conflict of Interest Committee
                   HD-transient "drop-ins"
                   cardiac renal transplants
June 4         IP/WWW:  The haves and have-nots
                   HD: difficult choices
June 5        WWW/TX:  Starting Point page now includes CenterSpan and Banff Resources
June 6         IP/CN: English rewriting for KI (was IP/ET: Preprint repository)
                   GEN: NEPHROL dinners in Barcelona, Budapest, New Orleans, and Sydney
June 7         TX: recurrent light chain disease
                   HD: Hepatitis Vaccine in Dialyis Patients - CDC reply
June 8         TM: The Emergence of Telemedicine: A Clinical Viewpoint.  Don Parsons' talk at the IEEE Dual-use Technology, Syracuse, NY June 6,1996
                   Renal Telemedicine Site
                   CN: elective bilateral nephrectomy?
                   PD: Prophylactic AV grafts in CAPD patients
                   LATF/UC: Free Medline access
June 9         TX: ASTP abstract reviews
                   WWW: Hailstorm sidelines Cambridge ISN WWW site
                   GEN: Diversity is good! The moment for nephrologists/nephropathologists with something to say to emerge and post.
June 10       Sympathetic outflow and nephrectomy
                   GEN: NEPHROL-digest (was  "Diversity is good!")
                   Contributions & Participation
                   DS/UC/CN: ARF epidemic  in Haiti
June 11       CRF and elevated PTH
                   Parathyroidectomy and renal TX
                   IP/NP: Posting renal path cases on RPS WWW page - L-CAT Deficiency
                   GEN: Dr Glotz's quote
June 13       Acid-base case
June 14       Mixed acid-base disorder after metformin
                   TX: Recurrent TTP
                   Thin GBMs and transplantation
                   TX: Thin GBMs and risk of kidney donation
                   NephroNet Update
                   GEN: Abuse of NEPHROL subscriber list
June 15       GEN/WWW: When robots rule the world! (was "Abuse of NEPHROL subscriber list")
June 17       HY/CN: sports physicals
June 18       Conference on Hemofiltration
                   Immunotactoid glomerulopathy
                   PD-Exchange related pain
                   GEN: double posting
June 20       GEN: A Virtual party for Kim's 50th Birthday -
                   ET: Thanks to NEPHROL from Zina Munoz
                   GEN: Kim Solez's Guest Book
June 21       Solezasaurus
                   ET/PD: Avoiding PD in the elderly, a modern conspiracy
June 22       Happy Birthday Dr.Solez
                   GEN:  The first half century - keep it up!
                   HD: Dialyzer reuse
June 23       CN  "Critical Labs"
                   CN/PH: Hyponatremia and Glycine. Informations.
                   NP: Path and lab medicine discussion groups and internet resources.
June 24       CN/PH: Bethesda ARF meeting abstracts
                   CN: Hypercalcaemia in infancy
                   HD: Dialyzer reuse
                   NP: ARF in Haiti - Diethylene Glycol
                   Tonsillectomy in IgAN(Berger's)
June 25       GEN: The other lists!
June 26       NP: Diethylene and ethylene glycol
June 27       17th Annual PD Conference
                   NP: Traditional sources! Diethylene vs. ethylene glycol.  (The meta-webcrawler is great but...)
June 28       17th Annual PD Conference
                   hypertensive athletes
                   ? SLE with focal sclerosis
                   WWW: A common starting point/Bethesda ARF Conference
June 29       TM: California Telemedicine Development Act of 1996 passed by state senate
                   TM/DS: Telemedicine in Disasters
June 30       CN: Anouncement Workshop Glomerulonephritis (German)
                   Hypertension in dialysis pts - old article.

July 1          CN: Haiti ARF ?Parent compound toxicity of diethylene glycol?
                   NP: Teleconferencing
                   CN: ARF in Haiti - 4-methylpyrazole antidote for diethylene glycol?
                   GEN: What's New on NEPHROL


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