Technology and the Future of Medicine
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                                   November  23               A Biological Repairman's Reflections on the Coming Singularity: Notions of Embodiment in the Age of Spiritual Machine 

                                    November  24               Second Life and Medical Education


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           Wednesday, November 23

Background Information

I attach the presentation I gave yesterday morning about the course to the meeting on Emerging Trends in Higher Education in Montreal. The talk was very well received.  Some said it was the best presentation of the session. The meeting was attended by delegates from more than forty countries and there were many excellent comments, especially about the need to undertake what we are doing in the course as a global effort. One commenter noted the efforts of MERLOT as a step in the right direction but much more needs to be done on a global scale.

PowerPoint Presentation Dr. Solez - Technologic Singularity in Universities and Beyond



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