Technology and the Future of Medicine
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October    12                  Promise and Perils of Nanotechnology II

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My intro tonight has to do with how we are conducting the course and best practices for lecturers.

We have five weeks experience with the course now and are very pleased with how things are going. Thanks to all of you!

We now have a clearer idea how we will proceed with providing videos of the course to the outside world and what this means for best practices for lecturers.  The style of PowerPoint without template which Michael Woodside has been using is what we will use to present the slides within the videos.  When we have PowerPoints in other formats with fancy coloured templates, including my own, we can reconstitute them in the simpler more elegant format without template which is what TED uses.  In addition we recommend that the lecturer alternate between looking either at the camera in the back of the room or down at the computer when speaking, as this makes for the most effective video.  We need intriguing subject titles when possible.  When the title suggests a question, then that question must be answered. In some instances we will shoot additional footage so the video is complete.  

Finally, please fill out, sign and return the video permission form if you have not done so already.






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