Banff, Alberta, Canada
August 9-14, 2009
Rimrock Resort Hotel
10th Banff Conference on Allograft Pathology

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Submitted Abstracts

Banff 2009 Abstracts:

  1. HLA-specific antibody strength determined by complement-dependent or solid-phase assays can predict positive donor-specific crossmatches  - I Batal, A Zeevi, P Randhawa, R Shapiro, and A Girnita

  2. Renal allograft biopsy findings and graft survival with de novo donor specific antibodies detected in grafts with dysfunction and in screen-detected clinically stable allografts - IW Gibson, T Blydt-Hansen, D Rush, PE Birk, M Karpinski, L Storsley, AM Goldberg, J Ho, D Pochinco, P Nickerson

  3. Post-transplant anti-HLA antibodies and kidney graft outcome: a snigle center study with a follow-up of four years after antibody testing - M Gerbase-DeLima, EF Campos, P Grenzi, H Tedesco-Silva, M Franco, JO Medina-Pestana

  4. Diagnostic findings in 3349 consecutive renal transplant biopsies, over an 8-year period, from the kidney and hypertension hospital, Paulista Medical School, Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil - FL Marujo, AR Godofredo, N Galante, JO Medina-Pestana, M Franco

  5. Immunoexpression of adhesion molecules and inflammatory cell profile in vascular lesions of type III acute rejection of the renal allograft -MF Soares, JO Medina-Pestana, M Franco

  6. Zero-time kidney histology predicts one-year renal function - H Viana, F Carvalho, MJ Galvo, A Santos, F Nolasco

  7. A differentiated immunosuppressive protocol in HLA sensitized patients with negative CDC crossmatch identifies patients at higher risk of developing rejection - AV Reister, C Naper, T Jensen, T Leivestad, P Line, JT Vaage, FP Reinholt

  8. MDR-1 (C3435T) polymorphism, calcineurin inhibitors bioavailability and early acute cellular rejection after kidney transplantation - B Grandtnerova, K Machalekova, Z Lasabova

  9. The First USA Composite Tissue Face Transplant Allograft. Clinical, Histologic, and Immunophenotypic Findings - W Bergfeld, A Larson, R Tuthill, A Klimczak, M Siemionow

  10. Glomerulitis in acute rejection of renal transplanted patients - M Valente, L Furian, P Rigotti, E DAlessandro, MD Barbera, S Marino, FB Aiello

  11. Urine magnetic resonance spectroscopy (UMRS): non-invasive diagnosis of allograft pathology in the DeKAF study and comparison with UMRS in patients with normal histology on protocol biopsy - D Rush, R Somorjai, M Cecka, F Cosio, R Gaston, S Gourishankar, J Grande, P Halloran, L Hunsicker, B Kasiske, R Mannon, A Fieberg, R Leduc, J Connett, A Matas

  12. Changes of Immunoglobulin and Complement Fragments in Liver Tissue at the Time of Pre-reperfusion and Post-reperfusion - Feng changyin, Zheng zhiyong.

  13. Detection of serum HLA antibody in renal allografts with focal peritubular capillary C4D deposition - JG Lunz III, A Zeevi, R Shapiro, A Girnita, P Randhawa

  14. C4d deposition is highly prevalent in both mucosal and and submucosal vasculature of intestinal allograft biopsies - E Lerut, G De Hertogh, D Monbaliu, K Geboes, J Pirenne

  15. Polyomavirus associated nephropathy type B and late acute cellular rejection grade 1: morphologically indistinguishable or not? - N Karremans, M Naesens, Y Vanrenterghem, DRJ Kuypers, E Lerut

  16. Diffuse linear immunostaining for C4d in capillary loops of glomeruli in fixed, paraffin embedded tissue is specific for chronic antibody mediated rejection - R Murugasu

  17. The significance of C4d deposition without acute rejection on ABO-incompatible renal allografts - K Sai, D Toki, T Shimizu, H Ishida, S Horita, Y Yamaguchi, K Tanabe

  18. Retrospective study of BK virus-associated carcinoma of the urinary tract following kidney transplantation in a population of 1432 patients; report of two cases - E Latulippe, J Chnevert, J Riopel, L Xie, I Houde, I Ct, R Nol, Y Caumartin, V Nickeleit

  19. A lesion associated to neurofibromatosis in a kidney graft or how an on-line discussion group can help solve a difficult case - J Riopel, E Latulippe, A LeBoeuf, I Ct, M Agharazii, S Meehan

  20. Active Cytomegalovirus infection in chronic rejection in renal allografts; poor outcome is associated with high viral load - M Dzabic, ARahbar, M Naghibi, Lidman, B Fellstrm, E Larsson, C Sderberg-Nauclr

  21. Inflammation in regions of tubular atrophy predicts decreased long term graft survival - J Grande, Y Raissian, R Leduc, B Kasiske, P Halloran, S Gourishankar, JM Cecka, L Hunsicker, F Cosio, D Rush, R Gaston, B Najafian, G Crary, K Solez, R Nair, I Gibson, A Adams, A Fieberg, J Connett, C Gray, A Matas

  22. Natural history of subclinical antibody-mediated rejection (SAMR) in kidney transplant recipients with donor specific antibodies (DSA) - A Loupy, C Suberbielle-Boissel, GS Hill, C Lefaucheur, D Anglicheau, J Zuber, F Martinez, JP Duong van Huyen, P Bruneval, C Legendre, D Nochy

  23. Significance of C4d positivity without graft dysfunction in heart transplantation - A Angelini, M Fedrigo, F Tona, A Gambino, C Castellani, F Poli, E Benazzi, G Torregrossa, AP Caforio, G Feltrin, G Toscano, G Gerosa, M Valente, G Thiene

  24. Antibody-mediated rejection after pancreas transplantation: Sao Paulo (Brazil) experience - EB Rangel, DMAS Malheiros, I Antunes, MA Torres, MCR Castro, F Fbio Crescentini, T Genzini, M Perosa-Miranda

  25. Fibrinogen-like 2/fibroleukin (FGL2), an effector molecule of regulatory t-cells (tregs), has prognostic and potential therapeutic roles in chronic hepatitis C (HCV) transplant patients - OA Adeyi, N Selzner, A Helmy, I Shalev, Y Zhu, GA Levy

  26. Clinical implications of the monitoring of anti-HLA antibodies after kidney transplantation - PS Souza, N Panajotopoulos, DSR David, C Ronda, H Rodrigues, F Agena, LE Ianhez, E David-Neto J Kalil, MCR Castro

  27. Gene expression profiling under different immunosuppressive protocols - H Tz, S Şen, H Ak elik, M Yılmaz, E Hr, C Hoşoşkun, M zkahya, and HH Aydin

  28. Histopathological and clinical characteristics of recurrent renal AA amyloidosis: a retrospective study - S Sen, B Sarsık, M Yılmaz, E Hr, C Hoşoşkun, and H Tz

  29. Histopathological progression within first year of renal transplantation: a protocol biopsy study - H Tz, S Sen, M Tanrisev, M Yılmaz, C Hoşoşkun, D Bozkurt, G Aşı, M Seziş, and E Ok

  30. IF/TA progression within the first year of kidney transplantation under M-Tor based regimen - M Yılmaz, A Nart, S Şen, F Taşlı, A Uslu, E Hr, M zkahya, and H Tz

  31. Comparison of polyoma BK virus nephropathy (BKVN) diagnosis by protocol biopsy and BK virus PCR - A Schwarz, S Linnenweber, A Heim, H Haller, V Broecker

  32. Early PTLD of the liver and bile duct after liver transplantation for HCV related cirrhosisA Sonzogni, V Corno, A Lucianetti , A Rambaldi, M Guizzetti, D Pinelli, M Zambelli, G Gaffuri, M Colledan

  33. C4d staining in pancreas graft transplantectomies due to thrombosis - H. de Kort, A. van der Wal, M. Eikmans, E.J. de Koning, E. de Heer, J.A. Bruijn, J.A., I. Bajema

  34. Morphology of recurrent dense deposit disease is not typical of native disease: a report of two cases - DF Griffiths,  SM Howarth,  J Chess,   R Ravanan

  35. Pathology, Serology and Clinical Characteristics of 66 patients with Chronic Humoral Renal Allograft Rejection (CHR) - AB Farris, J Gaut, W Wong, P Della Pelle, N Brousaides, S Saidman, AB Collins, EE Schneeberger, RN Smith, RB Colvin

  36. Novel subtraction morphometry technique for assessing fibrosis in renal biopsies - AB Farris, CD Adams, N Brousaides, PA Della Pelle, AB Collins, E Moradi, PC Grimm, RB Colvin

  37. Chronic transplant glomerulopathy impact on graft survival - A Perkowska-Ptasińska, M Ciszek, A Urbanowicz, A Kwiatkowski, Z Gałązk, L Pączek, M Głyda, A Dębska, K Dziewanowski, A Rydzewski, M Durlik

  38. Utility of Combined C4d and C3d immunofluorescence in Human Heart Transplants - B Weynand, E Howard, E Frazier, A. B. Collins, RN Smith

  39. Prognostic significance of transplant glomerulopathy A Olafsson, N Agrawal, M Suneja, R Nair

  40. Antigenic specificity of donor specific antibodies in patients with C4D deposition in peritubular capillaries may predict development of transplant glomerulopathy - J Kowalewska, N Kieran, N Leca, P Warner, K Nelson, KD Smith, CL Davis, CE Alpers

  41. Superiority of virtual slides versus glass slides in transplantation pathology - PL Blanco, M Mengel, K Solez, PF Halloran, B Sis

  42. Longitudinal analysis of interstitial fibrosis by automatic quantification in sequential routine renal biopsies after renal transplantation - A Servais, LH Noel, V Meas-Yedid, F Martinez, C Panterne, H Kreis, J Zuber, MO Timsit, Ch Legendre, JC Olivo-Marin, E Thervet

  43. Urine NGAL levels are not reflective of organ injury in kidney transplant recipients with residual native renal function - DG de Freitas, B Coupes, I Read, D Hoyle, PEC Brenchley, M Picton

  44. The Spectrum of Histopathologic Findings in Kidney Transplant Patients with Global Depression of Cell Mediated Immunity - O Radu, I Batal, A. Zeevi, A. Girnita, R. Shapiro, H. Tan, C Morgan, P Randhawa

  45. Clinical Significance of BK Viruria without Concurrent Viremia - N Aggarwal, I Batal, R Shapiro, P Randhawa

  46. C4d presence in kidney allograft biopsy: sensitivity and specificity of immunoperoxidase vs. immunoflourescence - H Viana, F Carvalho, A Santos, M Joo Galvo, F Nolasco

  47. Adenovirus-mediated antisense ERK2 gene therapy ameliorates tubular epithelial mesenchymal transitino upon chronic allograft nephropathy in a rat model - Z Ding, ZS Chen, H Guo, NQ Gong

  48. Arteriolar hyalinosis mimicking features of calcineurine inhibitor toxicity in donor biopsies - S Vahidi, H Ibrahim, M Mauer, B Najafian

  49. Histopathologic Observation of Transplant Phlebitis on Renal allograft - H Guo, N Gong, G Chen, Z Lin, W Zhang, Z Klaus Chen

  50. Comparative Staining for C4d using Immunohistochemistry and Immunofluorescence in Liver Allografts - TC Rubinas, V Nickeleit

  51. Successful Treatment of Recurrent Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis Type 2 in a Renal Allograft with Rituximab and Mycophenolate Mofetil - S Keiko


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