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ISN Fellowship Program

The ISN Fellowship Program continues to flourish with over 158 fellows having been funded. The program is being directed by Jan Weening, ISN Secretary-General. The ISN is generally able to fund approximately 33% of the candidates. There are however other acceptable candidates who are not funded because of fiscal constraints. National Societies and renal centers in the developed world are therefore being asked to consider providing a stipend ($22,500/year) so that additional ISN fellows can be funded. If a national society or renal center provides funds, the candidate would be assigned to that country or renal center. The candidate has to have a committed position to return to his/her developing country on completion of the ISN fellowship. The International Fellowship Program is currently funding 18 full-time fellows appointed during 1996 and 1997, plus six funded by the American Society of Nephrology, one by Kirin Brewery Co. of Japan, and one by the National Kidney Research Fund of Great Britain. An additional 8 fellows have received partial funding during 1997.  Click here for application forms (4 pages) or contact the Secretary-General for forms and more details:

Jan Weening, M.D.,
Secretary-General ISN, Department of Pathology
Academic Medical Center
Meibergdreef 9, 1105 AZ
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Fax: 31.20.696 0389

List of ISN Fellowship Awardees

ISN Sponsored Brief Visits

The ISN will sponsor visits for up to 2-3 months by individuals from the developing world to a renal centre or centres in the developed world. These awards may be at any level of seniority or age, for physicians, and for renal technologists or renal senior nurses (e.g. those involved in dialysis or renal pathology). It is important that these visits are structured, and have a specific goal in to acquire and bring back clinical or laboratory skills to the home country. They are not intended to support lecture tours, invited visits, or similar activities. Applications, including a program outline and a letter of support from the host institution(s) can be made to the Secretary-Generalšs office. The deadlines for submitting applications are the same as for the regular fellowship applications and the same application forms can be used.

Visiting Scholars Program

The ISN sponsors a program whereby senior physicians and/or scientists who are experts in nephrology and related disciplines may spend from 6 weeks to 3 months at an institution in the developing world. Applicants to the Visiting Scholar Program must focus primarily on 'hands-on' activities which have the potential of improving the quality of patient care, education and/or research in fields relevant to the kidney at the host institution. Examples of eligible activities include assistance in establishing a new clinical program such as continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, establishing new research programs or new research laboratory techniques, or providing instruction in basic clinical and scientific techniques of relevance to the host institution or country.

The stipend, which includes travel and expenses, is US $25,000 for three months or a prorated amount for a shorter period of time. All applications should be submitted to the Secretary-General and must include a description of the program, its objectives, personal references and a letter of acceptance from the host institution.

Travel Grants to the ISN Forefronts and International Congresses of Nephrology

The ISN provides travel grants to both the ISN International Congress and the ISN Forefront Conferences. Travel grants for the ISN International Congress favour young physicians and scientists who are submitting abstracts. A portion of the available funding is designated for nephrologists from developing countries.

Six travel grants are awarded to young scientists from developing countries to attend each ISN Forefront Conference. Applicants for these grants must have training and experience in an area of research relevant to the conference and an infrastructure at their home institutions adequate to allow the pursuit of techniques and approaches discussed at the conference.

Travel grant applications and a list of topics of future Forefront Conferences can be obtained from the Directors of ISN Forefront Programs.

Application forms for International Congress travel grants may be obtained from the ISN Secretary-General and should be received by him 3 months before the Congress at the latest.

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