The most important tool of the Communication and Publications Committee of the Renal Pathology Society is the RPS web-site. The objective of the site is to facilitate communication between the members of the RPS, and between the RPS other societies. To this effect, the web-site includes the directory of members with data regarding their areas of research interest - "yellow pages". Collaborative studies and surveys are posted, to ensure continuous availability. Visit the web-site at http://www.renalpathsoc.org/ and learn more about the history of the society, the upcoming international meetings or courses, the opportunities available, the composition of the committees.

The Committee is pleased to have available two further services: upon request, electronic messages can be disseminated to all the members (contact ssmith1@tulane.edu) and an electronic discussion group for renal pathology is available at NEPHNPPT (contact Kim.Solez@ualberta.ca).

Suzanne Meleg-Smith, MD
Chair, Communication and Publications Committee


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