Attendees at Stewart Cameron's Festschrift
Guest Address Guest Address Guest Address Guest Address
Dr Ian Abbs Guy's Dr Jo Adu UK Dr Aasim Ahmad Pakistan Dr Jinan Al-Dahhan Guy's
Dr Stathis Alexopoulos Greece Dr Peter Andrews UK Dr Domingos A de Azevedo Portugal Dr Fernando Moro Azuela UK
Dr Jose Barbas Portugal Dr Michael Bending UK Dr David Bennett-Jones UK Dr Ahmed Beshr UK
Dr Lucia Bignardi Italy Dr Michael Boulton-Jones UK Dr Colin Brown UK Dr Zarin Brown Guy's
Professor Michel Broyer France Dr John Burke Australia Lord Butterfield of Stechford UK Dr Hugh Cairns UK
Dr Vicky Cattell UK Professor Graeme Catto UK Professor Sir Cyril Chantler Guy's Dr Pedro Chocair Brazil
Dr Godfrey Clark Guy's Dr Bill Clark Canada Mr Eric Collins UK Ms Deirdre Conn Guy's
Dr Maryse Courteau Canada Dr Rodney Cove-Smith UK Dr Neil Dalton Guy's Dr Fernando Das Neves Portugal
Mr Philip Davies Guy's Dr Alex M Davi ‡son UK Professor Alexander Diadyk Ukraine Dr Mike Dillon UK
Dr Nada Dimkovic Yugoslavia Dr John Dirks Pakistan Dr Ciaran Doherty UK Dr Ab J Donker Netherlands
Dr Peter Duffus UK Professor R Hermon Dowling Guy's Dr John Duley Guy's Dr John Eastwood UK
Dr Neil Edward UK Dr Joao Evangelista Brazil Dr Lynette Fairbanks Guy's Dr John Feehally UK
Dr Terry Feest UK Dr Paula Fernandes Guy's Professor Leon G Fine UK Dr Juan Carlos Flores Chile
Dr Giovanni Fogazzi Italy Dr Geoff Frampton UK Dr Miguel Garcia Fuentes Spain Dr Giorgio Fuiana Italy
Dr Terry Gibson Guy's Dr Gerald Glancey UK Professor Richard Glassock USA Dr Mike Goggin UK
Dr Ram Gokal UK Dr David Goldsmith UK Dr Martha Graber USA Professor Ira Greifer USA
Dr Jean-P ¨ierre Grunfeld France Dr Renee Habib France Dr Elio Habib France Professor V Hadjiconstantinou Greece
Mr Peter Hanson UK Professor John Hardwicke UK Dr Barry Hartley Guy's Professor George Haycock Guy's
Dr Walter Heale Australia Professor Bruce Hendry UK Professor Luis Hernando Spain Mrs Jackie Hicks Guy's
Dr Makoto Hiramatsu Japan Professor Richard Hughes Guy's Professor Claude Jacobs Guy's Dr Alfred Jaiyesimi Nigeria
Dr Fiona Jani Guy's Dr Hilary Jarrett UK Dr John Jarrett UK Dr David Jayne UK
Dr Robert Jones UK Dr Kleonikos Kalaitzidis Guy's Dr Nori Kasai Japan Professor Harry Keen Guy's
Professor David Kerr UK Professor Priscilla Kincaid-Smith Australia Dr Bob Knight Guy's Mr Geoff Koffman Guy's
Mr Christian Koo UK Dr Ray Krediet Netherlands Dr Jerry Lanchbury Guy's Ms Alison Langton UK
Professor Maurice Lessof Guy's Dr Micheline Levy France Dr Liz Lightstone UK Dr Dragan Ljutic Croatia
Dr Martin Lockwood UK Dr Attilio Losito Italy Dr Juan Macias Spain Dr Campbell Mackenzie UK
Dr Alastair MacDonald UK Dr Ian MacDougall UK Dr Alison McLeod UK Professor Michael Maisey Guy's
Dr David Makanjuola Guy's Professor Neter Mallick UK Dr Chris Mallinson UK Professor Eva Matheova Czechoslovakia
Dr Karel Matousovic Czechoslovakia SNO Penny Mawson Guy's Dr Patrick Maxwell UK Professor Roy Meadow UK
Dr Ewa Michalak UK Dr GAK Missen Guy's Dr Ravinder Mohini USA Dr Zaki Morad Malaysia
Dr Shunsuke Moriya Japan Professor Setsuya Naito Japan Professor Guy Neild Guy's Dr S Nelson UK
Dr Anthony Nicholls UK Professor C Normand UK Dr Chris O'Callaghan UK Dr Chisholm Ogg UK
Professor David Oliveira UK Dr Ayse Oner Turkey Dr John Papadakis Greece Dr Anwar Parbtani Canada
Dr Teresa Pastuszko-Maryniarczyk Canada Dr James Pattison Guy's Professor Sir Keith Peters UK Dr James Petrie Australia
Professor Claudio Ponticelli Italy Dr Milana Popovic Rolovic Yugoslavia Dr Steve Powis Guy's Dr Don Prosser UK
Dr David Pyke UK Dr Martin Raftery UK Professor Andy Rees UK Dr Lesley Rees UK
Dr John Rees Guy's Dr Chris Reid Guy's Dr Susan Rigden Guy's Professor Jim Ritter Guy's
Professor Eberhard Ritz Germany Dr Michael Robson Guy's Professor Pier Ronco France Mr Chris Rudge Guy's
Professor Steve Sacks Guy's Dr Hugh Saxton Guy's Dr Karl Scharer Germany Dr Paolo Schena Italy
Dr John Scoble Guy's Professor Don Seldin USA Mr Robert Sells UK Dr Daniel Seron Spain
Dr Assumpta Serra Spain Dr Adalberto Sessa Italy Dr Paul Sharpstone UK Dr Neil Sheerin Guy's
Dr H Anne Simmonds Guy's Dr J Smellie UK Dr Mark Smithies UK Professor Kim Solez Canada
Dr Robin Stott Guy's Dr Gary Striker USA Dr Liliane Striker USA Dr David Taube UK
Mr J Taylor Guy's Ms S Taylor UK Dr Richard Trompeter UK Professor John Trounce Guy's
Professor David Turner UK Professor Karel J Van Acker Belgium Professor Charles Van Ypersele Belgium Dr William d V'ant Hoff UK
Dr Bob Vaughan Guy's Dr Nestor Velasco UK Professor Gian Carlo Viberti Guy's Dr Maria Visy Hungary
Dr Gregory Vosnides Greece Professor John Walls UK Dr Yiming Wang Guy's Dr Val Wass Guy's
Dr Jan Weening Netherlands Professor Roy Weller UK Professor Dick White UK Professor Alan Wilkinson USA
Professor Bob Wilkinson UK Professor D Gwyn Williams Guy's Dr Tony Wing UK Dr Robin Woolfson UK
Professor Oliver Wrong UK        


(From the program:)



The name of Stewart Cameron is synonymous with nephrology in all its aspects - its practice, the linking of bedside observations with laboratory work, and teaching. In his thirty years as a clinical nephrologist he has played one of the most major roles in the world in the development of this specialty.

A native of Scotland, he came to Guy's as a student, where he had a distinguished career, sweeping the board of undergraduate prizes, and graduating with a first class BSc in physiology, and with honours in his final examinations. In his early postgraduate career he was elected a Fulbright Scholar, which he spent at Cornell University Medical College, New York, and, when elected to Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians was awarded the Goulstonian Lectureship as the youngest Fellow elected that year. Amongst his many ensui 'ng distinctions, he was the Sims Travelling Professor of the Royal College of Physicians, President of the European Dialysis Transplant Association/European Renal Association, President of the Xth International Congress of Nephrology, President of the Renal Association and President of the International Society of Nephrology.

His research has been a byword for clinical studies, and for laboratory based clinical research. His celtic love of words has found fruit in his scholarly writing, culminating most recently in the Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology, and in his lecturing skills, which, either in the flesh or on video, are legendary.

All these have been allied to a colleague with warmth, wit and humour, and above all, a doctor who has always championed his patients' interests. We, as colleagues, wish Stewart and Margot, in his so-called retirement, all that they can wish, but not complete rest, as we still wish to benefit from his erudition and learning.


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